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  • Exceptional hiding power
  • Excellent Brightness
  • Superior resistance to water and alkali
  • Excellent chalking resistance
  • Imparts excellent Long term Durability
  • All these are with accepted odor levels
  • Conforms to Egyptian Standard no. 1539/2008

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Product Description:

Uni-Mix (Univrsal) Color Concentrates are made to suit oil- and water painting systems. A collection of 12 colors (Blue 101, Violet 102, Yellow 103, Yellow Oxide 104, Lime Green 105, Green 106, Fuchsia 107, Red 108, Orange 109, Brown 110, Black 112, Purple 113) meets client requirements for a wide range of color grades. It is the perfect choice to obtain the required colors without relying on computer-aided colorization techniques.

Product Characteristics:

  • Excellent coloring of water- and oil paints
  • High coloring capacity
  • Helps clients to realize an easy coloring process.

Proposed Use:

Uni-Mix Color Concentrates harmonize with a wide range of water and oil based decorative and ornamental paint.