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Acry Star

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The silk-glossy Acry Star is made of high quality styrene acrylic copolymer. It may be applied for paints of special effects, like Sipes Star and matt water-based paints.etc., to provide a smooth silk-glossy coat and protection against water, stain, and airborne dust.

Produced in compliance with the Ministerial Decree 181.


  • Suits recently painted indoor surfaces.

For the technical data-sheet click here.

Proposed Coating System :-

All surfaces (new and old) should be clean and free from dust, oil, fat ..etc.

    1. 1 coat Acry Star above final coat.
For Old Surfaces:

Clean the surface with water and suitable detergent. Make sure the surface is fully dry, then apply:

  1. 1 coat Acry Star above final coat.
Conditions of Application:

Temperature of surface to be painted should not be lower than 10°C and 3°C above dew point. Appropriate air temperature and humidity should be observed.