Acry Silver

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Acry Silver is a distinct decorative paint made of pure acrylic polymer and highest quality raw materials carefully selected to provide protection coupled with abundant silver glitter. It could be used to develop many designs and forms by using different application tools. Sipes Uni-Mix colors may be added as desired. So go ahead, unleash your creativity and give your walls a touch of luxury.

Produced in compliance with the Ministerial Decree 181

Proposed Use:

  • Suits indoor applications.

For the technical data-sheet click here.

Type of Surface :-

Concrete, cementitious and gypsum walls .. etc.

Proposed Coating System:

All surfaces (new and old) should be clean and free from dust, oil, fat ..etc.

    • -1 coat Latex Sealer 1800.
    • -2 coat Latex Puty.
    • -1 coat Top Tone / Q Tone
    • -2 coats Bond 2000
    • -1 coat Acry Silver
Particular Instructions for Implementation:
  • Adequate stirring before use.
  • By using such colorants, the color resulting from the mixing process provides an appearance that differs with the angle of vision.
Conditions of Application:

* Temperature of surface to be painted should not be lower than 10°C and 3°C above dew point. Appropriate air temperature and humidity should be observed.