How to become an authorized distributor for Sipes products ?

Kindly fill the form “Franchise request” Here

& Our team will contact you shortly.

How to get the colors catalogue or the code for a specific color ?

Kindly check our online color catalogue Here, or kindly visit our nearest showroom to experience our full array of live samples.

Which colors should I Choose?

Choosing the suitable color depends on many factors, whether interior or exterior, the space of each room, the interior design of your home and the desired atmosphere of the final outcome.
For insights, kindly refer to our tips and articles Here and visit our nearest branch to explore all our color options.

How do I calculate the needed quantity of paint for a given surface?

The website is equipped with a calculator designed to forecast the exact quantity needed for a given surface area. All you have to do is to insert the dimensions and the number of walls of the venue, then our calculator will give you the required quantity.

Are all paints washable?

It depends on the type you choose. Many types of paints are washable and stains may be removed with a wet sponge, however, avoid scraping the paint layer hard.

What are the company’s office hours?

Office hours are from 9 am till 5 pm throughout the week except for Fridays, Saturdays, and official holidays.

Is there a PDF color catalogue?

The color catalogue is only available online on our website via the following link  https://sipesworld.com/color-catalogue/

What are the types of heat and humidity insulators?

Exterior paints can withstand different weather conditions, however, not considered as heat insulators. For heat insulating products, please visit the nearest branch and ask about PerBuild products.

How to get the price list of various products ?

Kindly visit our nearest branch to explore our wide array of products and their prices.  Store locations

How to apply for a job at Sipes ?

To join our team, kindly send your CV to  hrdept@sipes.net and our recruitment team will get back to you shortly

How to choose the proper product for my project ?

We offer a wide-variety of paint products that suits various needs & applications, whether interior or exterior paint jobs, matt or gloss, Decorative & Special effects and wood care products all available under one roof. Kindly visit our nearest branch to explore our various product families.

How long does it take the paint to dry?

The drying time varies based on the type of paint applied and weather conditions (temperature and humidity).

Is it possible to paint over wallpaper?

Painting is not recommended over wallpaper. However, if the paper is non-porous, you may test by priming a small part of the wall. If the primer dries without lifting or blistering, move to the next step of applying a finish coat over the primer.

What are the contact details of SIPES’ branches and authorized distributors?

You can find the nearest branch or authorized distributor through our Store Locator on the company’s website using the following link https://sipesworld.com/store-locator/

Are there ``datasheets`` for products?

To access the technical data sheets, please go to the products page and click on the product. In the product description, you will find a link to download the technical data sheets.